Artificial intelligence helps wildlife conservation efforts

Published on:

2023-06-06 18:59

Just as tracks from crime scenes can be important evidence, so too can wildlife tracks be valuable to wildlife conservationists.

each species; — And each animal in the species has its own unique track. Each footprint and its underlying substrate tells a story about animal activity and the environment. The information gleaned from the tracks helps conservationists track wildlife behavior and monitor endangered species. This information also helps to protect the biodiversity of the planet. To train the algorithm, the researchers lured tigers and other wildlife on a prepared plot of land. They took multiple images of each foot. — Four feet per animal equals four times as much data as can be collected.

Initial footprint recognition now includes other biological features, including coat color, coat type, and vocalizations. Wildtracks can monitor migration patterns, mating activity, foraging and hunting behavior, and social groups. Differences in the substrate beneath the footprint indicate humidity levels, weather conditions and gait changes that can indicate walking speed or signal injury.

Adjustments to machine learning algorithms will also support research in other fields. Ai-based solutions can be used to count and monitor endangered animals and prevent poaching. Future uses could include tracking turtles based on their unique shell patterns, identifying the type and health of plants and animals, or detecting and monitoring traces of animal or human activity.

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