business scope


Mould Making

Professional Mold Team

ChuanD Technology has professional mold design, development and manufacturing capabilities. With innovation as the driving force for development, we have built a professional team of 28 senior mold engineers, equipped with high-end UG/CAD/CAM software systems, with the ability to design, DFMEA, Moldflow analysis and feasibility analysis to support mold development and manufacturing.

Mold development process

1: Feasibility analysis

2: Mold DFM discussion

3: Mold flow analysis

4: 2D and 3D mold construction drawing review

5: Customer's design approval

6: Order of steel material

7: Mold manufacturing


Mold manufacturing

ChuanD Technology has a complete set of high precision foreign imported equipment to effectively guarantee the high quality of molds.

Mold equipment: 7 CNC, 10 spark machines, 7 milling machines, 5 grinding machines, 2 water grinders, 1 lathe, 1 drilling machine, 1 sawing machine, and 6 related measuring and testing equipment.


Mold testing

ChuanD Technology is equipped with injection molding machines from 128 tons to 1000 tons clamping force, which can be used exclusively for new mold trials, further improving the efficiency of mold manufacturing and ensuring better communication with our customers and mold optimization.


The mold trial workshop is equipped with a meeting room where we can discuss and formulate optimization proposals directly with our customers for any issues related to mold trials.