5G! Make phone calls!

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2023-06-06 18:59

Yes, the title is correct. 5G. Now you can make phone calls.

Believe that many 5G users see the title a face Meng force, my 5G mobile phone has been changed for N years, if 5G can not make a phone call I have played a lonely in the past N years?

But wouldn't it surprise you if I told you that 5G was just about to support voice calls? All the calls you've made in the past have been made over 4G without you even noticing.


As to why such an approach should be adopted, it starts with the evolution history of mobile communication.

When mobile communication was born, it was dedicated to making phone calls. In the 1G era of analog communication, it is simply understood that the fluctuation of human voice is directly transformed into the fluctuation of current, and then into the fluctuation of electromagnetic wave, and then back to the human voice.

After listening to my description, you can feel that analog communication is very unreliable. The way of information transmission is simple and rough, with high loss and low transmission rate. In addition, even if 1G can only support voice calls, it is impossible to hear a phone clearly because of the limitation of analog communication.

With the upgrading of mobile communication technology, the 2G era has come. Compared with 1G, the most fundamental change of 2G is the adoption of digital communication technology for the first time. The voice of a human phone call is no longer simply transmitted by current fluctuations, but first converted into a bit sequence such as 01010101, which can be processed by the chip, and then transmitted through electromagnetic waves through a series of operations.

The advantage is that digital information can be processed by various advanced digital technologies, such as compression, encoding, encryption and so on. Therefore, the quality of voice calls can be greatly improved under the same frequency resources.

Moreover, starting with 2G, mobile communications can carry simple data services. Although in today's perspective, tens of hundreds of Kbps is not a problem of the turtle speed.

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