System integration provides users with a total solution

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2023-05-08 15:43

System integration usually refers to the business of combining software, hardware and communication technology to solve information processing problems for users. The separate parts of the integration are initially separate systems. After integration, each part of the whole can interact with each other organically and harmoniously, so as to give full play to the overall benefit and achieve the purpose of overall optimization.

System integration includes the following five elements:

1. Customer industry knowledge

Requires a good grasp of the business, organizational structure, current situation and development of the client's industry.

2. Technology integration capability

Technology integration capability, that is, from the perspective of system, the ability to provide the corresponding system model for the needs of customers and realize the specific technical and operational solutions of the system model.

3. Product improvement ability

Have a comprehensive grasp of the performance and technical indicators of the products provided by the supplier, and can adapt to improve their own performance.

4. System Evaluation techniques

It should be able to quantitatively evaluate the performance, reliability, availability, maintainability and security (RAMS) of the proposed system scheme, as well as compatibility with other systems and impact on the environment. These assessments will continue throughout the life of the project.

5. System debugging technology

To provide standards, contents, procedures and technical means for single-system debugging and inter-system interconnection debugging.

The essence of system integration is an optimized synthesis and overall design of a large-scale integrated computer network system. System integration includes the integration of computer software, hardware, operating system technology, database technology and network communication technology. And the integration of product selection and collocation of different manufacturers. The goal of system integration is to achieve the best overall performance, that is, all components and components can work together, and the entire system is low-cost, efficient, balanced, scalable, and scalable.

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