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2023-05-08 15:43

1. Six Elements of National Informatization System

Information technology application, information resources, information network, information technology and industry, information talents, information policies, regulations and standards.

2. New concept

N network convergence:

Telecom network, Internet, Television network, Internet of Things, smart power grid

Cloud computing:

The increase of Internet-based services, new usage methods and delivery modes, usually provide dynamic and easily extensible virtualized resources.

Internet of Things:

The Internet, where things are connected, is still the foundation and core of the Internet.

Internet of Things is a network that uses radio frequency technology, infrared sensor, global positioning system, laser scanner and other information sensing equipment to connect any item to the Internet according to the agreed protocol for information exchange and communication, so as to realize the intelligent identification, tracking, positioning, monitoring and management of items. Its three key technologies are: sensor technology, radio frequency technology, embedded technology.


A new generation IP protocol to replace the current version of the IP protocol, each person will have multiple IP addresses.

3. E-government

Intergovernmental e-government: G2G

E-government for Enterprises: G2B

E-government from Government to Citizens: G2C

E-government for Civil Servants: G2E

4. Twelve gold MEDALS

The Party's work and business system was researched and proposed by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee

< p > 5. ERP < / p >


is a unified integrated system;

business-process-oriented systems;

modular configurable;

Open system.

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