Since 2018, the computer market catalytic policy

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2023-05-08 15:43

Industrial Internet: The Guidance of The State Council on Deepening the Integrated Development of Manufacturing Industry and Internet (2016.05); Made in China 2025; And; The Internet. Take action to build the integration of manufacturing industry and Internet. Mass entrepreneurship and innovation; Platform, cultivate new models and new forms of business, strengthen the support of information technology industry, improve information security guarantee, fully release. The Internet. The power of Beijing Industrial Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020) (2018.06) takes creating controllable core technologies of industrial Internet as a breakthrough, stimulating innovation vitality, transformation power and development potential of high-end, high-end industries in Beijing as the main line, leading the sustained and rapid development of China's industrial Internet, and promoting intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.

Autonomous and controllable: 12 departments jointly issued Network Security Review Measures (2020.04), focusing on critical information infrastructure, through network security review, early detection and avoid the procurement of products and services to the operation of critical information infrastructure risks and hazards, ensure the security of the supply chain of critical information infrastructure, safeguard national security.

Intelligent networked vehicle: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Action Plan for the Development of the Internet of Vehicles (Intelligent Connected Vehicles) Industry (2018.12), taking the integration and development of network communication technology, electronic information technology and automobile manufacturing technology as the main line, giving full play to the technical advantages of the network communication industry, the market advantages of the electronic information industry and the scale advantages of the automobile industry. A new industry ecology featuring deep integration, active innovation, safety and credibility, and strong competitiveness will be formed. "Intelligent Vehicle Innovation and Development Strategy" (2020.02) proposes that by 2025, China's standard intelligent vehicle technology innovation, industrial ecology, infrastructure, regulations and standards, product supervision and network security system will be basically formed. Looking ahead to 2035 to 2050, China's standard intelligent vehicle system will be fully completed and improved.

Internet Medical Treatment: on Promotion of The General Office of the State Council “ Internet + Medical Health ” Suggestions on Development (2018.04) proposed to perfect the service system, improve the support system, strengthen industry supervision and safety guarantee, improve the level of modern medical and health management, optimize the allocation of resources, and innovate the service mode. Administrative Measures for Internet Hospitals (Trial) (2018.07) defines the access, practice rules, supervision and management of Internet hospitals to ensure medical quality and safety.

Network security: In October 2020, the National Network Security Grade Protection System 2.0 and trusted Computing 3.0 Demonstration Base was established, effectively promoting the rapid implementation of the requirements of grade protection 2.0, pooling the strength of the country and the wisdom and experience of all industries, universities and research institutes to jointly tackle key problems, promoting the coordinated development of the information basic industry and network security industry, and improving the overall security protection capability.

Digital currency: Central bank digital currency started pilot. The research and development process will be accelerated significantly in 2020. At present, early technical indicators and other tests have been completed and pilot tests are being carried out at the level of some cities and regions. After Shenzhen Luohu District gave out 10 million yuan digital red envelopes in October, Suzhou is expected to do so in December. Double twelfth; During the launch of the digital RMB test and new additions. Double offline; Function. In addition to the pilot cities, the test application scenario is also expected to expand. The top-level design has been basically complete, the application is accelerating, and the relevant industrial chain will usher in development opportunities.

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