The main board of the latest computer hardware

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2023-05-08 15:43

The motherboard is the working platform of all hardware, and is the basis for connecting various hardware. There are many types of motherboard, choose a motherboard is decided by the CPU, and the mainboard interface to maintain compatibility, CPU finalization, can choose the motherboard. The motherboard and CPU are also divided into intel and AMD chips. intel processors can only be used with intel motherboard chips, and AMD processors can only be used with AMD motherboard chips.

Note that not all intel motherboards are compatible with Intelcpus and need to see the interface. The old motherboard will not be able to use the latest CPU. You must replace the new motherboard to support it. The same goes for AMDCPU. Each time Intel and AMD release a new CPU, they provide each major motherboard manufacturer with their own motherboard chipsets. That is to say, “ I have already made this CPU, but the motherboard manufacturer needs to produce according to my standard, so that it can be compatible with each other. , so in the purchase of CPU, must be consistent with the motherboard interface, in most cases, different generations of processors with different series of motherboards.

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