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1S065%68 key keyboard

Mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard. In terms of structure, each key of mechanical keyboard has a separate switch to control closure, which is also called "axis". According to the classification of micro-switches, mechanical keyboard can be divided into traditional tea axis, green axis, white axis, black axis, red axis and Romer-G and optical axis. It is precisely because each key is composed of an independent micro, so the key paragraph sense is strong, resulting in a special feel suitable for game entertainment, so it is usually used as a relatively expensive high-end game peripheral. The mouse is divided into mechanical mouse and photoelectric mouse according to its working principle. The mechanical mouse is mainly composed of rolling ball, roller column and grating signal sensor. When you drag the mouse, drive the ball to rotate, the ball drives the roller to rotate, installed in the end of the roller grating signal sensor to collect the grating signal. The sensor generates photoelectric pulses that reflect the changes in the mouse's displacement in both vertical and horizontal directions, which are then processed and converted by a computer program to control the movement of the cursor arrows on the screen.


Keyboard electronic technology

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